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  • New AB Templates with Lemur 4 Update

    Liine has released a new update to its application Lemur, including two new templates that can be easily added to any project.


    It is a two-dimensional modulator that lets you draw an automation with adjustable speed and reading options, enabling complex modulations, which can be synchronized with MIDI note events. The lemur memory usage is really low, allowing you to load several of them in the same project.


    it is a box fader, but no simple faders! Each fader has an editor that lets you modify their output values​​. A Master Fader allows you to move all faders (it includes physics settings and its own editor) simultaneously. Also The Master fader can receive information from the modulation wheel of your MIDI keyboard, to modulate the parameters assigned while you play your instument. Finally, you can select whether the faders work, midi or oscLike AB Vekter, you can add this template to any of your own projects.

  • Glitchmachines Fragment

    The Fragment macropack by GLITCHMACHINES features 300 sound effects by Ivo Ivanov, an exclusive Inear Display plugin based on Eurydice, and a custom Lemur template from Antonio Blanca providing full MIDI control of the Fragment plugin.

    The lo-fi character of this sample pack is suitable for projects in need of aggressive, provocative, and mind-bending material. Sourced from a private collection of circuit bent hardware, these samples were skillfully layered and processed to offer a fresh perspective on the sonic range typically associated with bent sounds.

    Inear Display’s Fragment plugin is a collaborative effort between Thomas Hennebert, Ivo Ivanov, and Antonio Blanca. It features a granulizer/stutter effect, a multimode filter, and an LFO, and is designed to achieve a wide range of sonic artifacts. Fragment includes a custom Lemur template for iPad, crafted by sound designer and Lemur expert Antonio Blanca, giving you multi-touch control over every parameter.

    The FRAGMENT macropack is available from GLITCHMACHINES.