"To me the name Antonio Blanca is synonymous with cutting edge, high quality, next level, future interface design.
Not only is his work sharp and beautiful but it is highly expressive and interactive. The complexity of it bogles the mind truly!
Words cannot express how much inspiration Antonio’s work has given me.
If everyone designed like Antonio there would be an end to tacky interfaces."
And that would be good!
Cheers my friend!

"Antonio, I'm so happy to have found you. Even though we're on different continents, I feel as though we're connected through an interest in making new kinds of music in new kinds of ways. Thanks for all your great work on my Lemur templates, and also for your creations."
Electronic Valve Instrument, Composer, Sound Design
Los Angeles, USA

"The very first time i got aware of Antonio was when i stumbled upon presets he made for "Metaphysical Function". I simple found them outstanding. Since then i was watching his way and also had the pleasure to work with him on several projects.I am usually not the guy spreading to many compliments,but Antonio is a truly gifted and dedicated sound addict!"
Senior audio DSP developer
Native Instruments("Massive")

"Dron-e is brilliant. Perfect for creating the sonic mayhem soundscape, it's a must have ensemble"
Music Composer for Mass Effect 3, Tron Evolution, Borderlands series, Quake series, Prototype and many more"...

Antonio is a brilliant Lemur template designer. He is very inventive and has found many ways to create a custom and unique look. Working with him is a real pleasure - he's clear, fast and responsive. His contribution was essential for the demo templates accompanying the Lemur iOS launch.
Nick Bugayev
Creative Director, Liine
Berlin, Germany.

Antonio makes some of the most beautiful sophisticated graphical interfaces I have ever seen for the Lemur. As a sound designer I am constantly looking for new interesting ways to control and manipulate sound. Antonio has created a collection of templates that have changed the way I interact with sound. His careful attention to detail and intelligent futuristic approach are remarkable!
Artist/Sound Designer
Atlanta GA/USA

Antonio's interfaces for the Lemur have really helped me to improve my music and sound design through the crazy amount of flexibility and control they give you. They have also helped me understand the lemur better. In fact most of the templates I make myself now are in some way inspired by Antonio's work.
Lead Sound Designer
Ireland, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Amsterdam.
Guerrilla Games

Antonio Blanca's template work is outstanding. He goes above and beyond, delivers on time and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
Twisted Tools
San Francisco/CA

The AB lemur templates turn the lemur into a totally new device. With stunning gui's and advanced scripting Antonio morphs the lemur into a touch panel instrument that is worthy of being on the Starship Enterprise! My favorite AB template is the L3 lemurized at the moment, its solid integration with the reaktor patch lets u control every aspect of the complex .ens without ever having to look or touch the computer and it looks cutting edge too!!!
Multimedia Artist
Detroit / Windsor

Antonio's patches are very creative and dynamic, making my production experience much more hands on and intuitive, after using his lemur interfaces with reaktor there is no way i can use anything else.
Music Producer
Windsor, Canada
Detroit Underground: Skyline Samples

Antonio and I have been working together for years; Some of our first collaborations have been creating Lemur Templates such as Reaktor 5's Vectory - Lemur templates for creatives, to use as tools for their sound arsenal. Having witnessed Antonio's growing technical chops, and keen GUI design abilities - he has truly become one of the most talented audio programmers; human-machine interface audio programmers, in today's technologically advanced world. It will be interesting and thrilling to see where Antonio will take his unique skill-set for many years to come
Developer of real-time multimedia systems
Los Angeles, CA

Conocí a Antonio a través de su trabajo con Reaktor y Lemur y reconozco estar muy impresionado,por su capacidad de hacer manejables e intuitivos instrumentos complejos y su sentido estético sin igual. Eso sin contar con que tiene un gran nombre :-)
Music producer, composer and mixing engineer.

I've been using Antonio's ABbreakpoint sequencer for quite some time
now. It never ceases to inspire me in generating soundscapes and it sure
looks amazing too!
Composer, Musician, Sound-Artist

Ho sempre pensato che neanche quelli di JazzMutant, che il Lemur se lo sono inventati, avrebbero mai potuto immaginare il livello di qualità, stile, e soprattutto personalità, che le interfacce realizzate col loro controller possono raggiungere, se a concepirle/disegnarle è Antonio Blanca."

Music | Intermedia | Video

TOM TOLLESON (Puppenhaus)
The AB Lemur template for Skrewell gave me the control I needed over the sound generator's parameters to be able to use it during a live performance; to add and change ambience to the other sounds. I would have never considered using Skrewell in a live setting without this template. it's really opened up this strange little noise tool for me!
Software Architect

Composing electronic music are constantly looking for new ways to express and experience my moods. Antonio Blanca was able to show me the way. With his ABreakpoint template every day have inspiration.
This template can transform a simple controller into a real tool to make significant modifications to the sound that you are using.
Fabio Di Mauro
Sinapsya / Electronic Music Composer and Sound Designer
Fiumicino (Rome) - Italy

Lemurized Scapes is the most awesome graphical interface with I have ever worked with my Lemur. You have the control, you have fun, you can work professionally. It inspires. Thank you, Antonio!"
Composer, improviser, performer, arranger, and teacher at Higher Conservatory of Music of Canary Islands.
Canary Islands/Spain

Every one of Antonio's templates have been mesmerizingly intricate whilst never forgetting the natural urge for chaos. They give the user all of the controls for the respective instrument, and at the same time they give the noise-makers the ability to randomize to mind's content. If you own a Lemur, it's sacrilege not to have an AB template a fingertip away.
Composer/Sound Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Antonio did the most beautiful and complex Lemurized interfaces that people shared on the community. I love his work specially with Reaktor and every time I see he has done a new template it makes my day!!! He help me a lot to understand how to customize my own interfaces with Reaktor.
Today we can see that he is a master of scripting on the Lemur even without Reaktor like with the ABreakpoint template.
Thanks for those great tools witch are fun to play with and change the way you interact with sound and continuously teach you some great tricks about creating your own templates.
Brice Moise (AcousmatiK)
Artist / Sound Designer

We have all benefited because of Antonio’s user-friendliness, his work with Reaktor and the Jazzmutant Lemur show his precise interface / instrument design skills, he has inspired & impacted designers everywhere with his mesmerizing creations. His ingenious avant-garde user interfaces have allowed new musical eloquence.
Computer Music Live
San Marino/California